Siobhan Conyngham

Siobhan Conyngham spent her childhood in Denmark, Argentina, Indonesia and Turkey. She studied History of Art at University College, London, was a guest student at the Royal Academy of Arts, London and trained as a conservator of easel paintings with Paul d’Aguilar (Courtauld) London.

She returned to Ireland to live and work as an artist and painting conservator, surrounded by drumlins, lakes, lanes and overgrown hedgerows. Her paintings are inspired by the colours and textures of that landscape. They aim to reflect on impermanence in the Buddhist sense, and the changing nature of everything around us. Her aim is to convey something of these fleeting tones and passing moments.

She paints in oils and tempera, often with paints made from the pigments in their raw state, either on canvas or panel. She applies the paint in all sorts of different ways depending on the mood needed, using paint brushes, fingers, palette knives, sponges and cloths.

She has exhibited in solo exhibitions in The Newry Arts Centre, Newry, Co Down, The Guinness Gallery, Dublin, and The Toradh Gallery, Co Meath and in numerous group exhibitions including the The Tom Caldwell Gallery, Belfast and The Sandford Gallery, Dublin. Her work is in public collections including the OPW, Meath and Louth County Council, and private collections in Ireland, Europe and the USA.

MOUNTAIN | Cyanotype on Watercolour Paper | 50x50cm

WHERE THE EARTH MEETS THE SKY II | Cyanotype on Watercolour Paper 15x15cms

“ A recurring theme in my work is that of the cycle of nature and the ever changing landscape around us. Part of that landscape ‘ where the earth meets the sky’ can be seen as the edge of each individual’s world at any moment in time, an edge in constant metamorphosis, an edge that in ancient Mesopotamia was thought to be the edge of a flat earth, an edge formed according to Greek mythology out of ‘chaos’, a necessary edge for our existence. “

DANCING IN THE WIND | Oils on panel |15x15cms

HAZY LANDSCAPE | Oils on panel | 15x15cms

PATTERN ON THE HILLS | Oils-on-panel | 15x15cms

WHEN THE SKY WALKS ON THE LAND | Oils on panel | 15x15cms

WHIRLING | Oils on panel | 15x15cms

YELLOW HILL | Oils on panel | 15x15cms