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Sandra Bell makes sculpture in cast bronze and fabricated steel. The themes of 'Harmony' and 'Balance' are predominant in her sculpture. The simple lines are challenging. They create large spaces which allow a play of light throughout the sculptures. The smooth surfaces and soft curves draw one in, to interact with these living uncomplicated shapes.


Maquete Cast bronze Edition 8 Height 82x37x70cm

Artist Statement

The pleasure and enjoyment in connecting with people through the creation of my sculpture delights me. I lose myself in my work and explore my inner feelings in a quiet and meditative place. I love that others viewing my sculpture may share part of my experience and find meaning and relevance in the work that I do.


Celebrating woman’s emergence from a controlled environment Cast bronze Edition 8 Height 80x20x20cm


Many cultures around the world have interesting myths about the sun, reflecting its importance in all our lives. My sculpture depicts a goddess giving birth to the sun Cast bronze Edition 8 Height 70x60x30cm


Ancient Greek name meaning Elegant snake like neck Cast bronze Edition 8 Height 30x16x11cm