Patrick was born in Drogheda, Co Louth in 1959. He attended the Lee Strasbourg School of Acting in New York, before returning to London and then to Ireland in 1990. He lives and works in County Monaghan as an artist, poet and writer. His novel ‘Between the Hills was published in 2006, and he has also published various books of poetry and short stories.

His paintings explore meaning through colour, texture and depth and dance between the abstract and figurative. He works in mixed media on canvas and panel, using oils, acrylics, pastels, gouache, inks, charcoal, wax and whatever comes to hand.  

His work is in private and public collections in Ireland, Europe, and the USA.  He has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions in galleries including: The Tom Caldwell Gallery, The Oxford Street Gallery, The Droichead Arts Centre, The Toradh Gallery, The Market Square in Monaghan, Framewerk in Belfast, Newry & Mourne Arts Centre, The Downpatrick Arts Centre, The Stour Gallery, Basement Gallery of An Tain Arts Centre in Dundalk, ArtisAnn Gallery and more recently The Engine Room Gallery in Belfast.

The King is in his counting house counting all and everything | Mixedmedia on canvas | 150x100cms

THE MANY SEAMS OF THE EDGE | Mixedmedia on panel | 45x80cms

The Theatre of the Edge

‘ On the edge of change sharpened like a knife slicing into the unknown for better or worse, the curtain falls to the floor and there is no one on the stage. What to do, fall headlong into a high fever of uncertainty clinging to the flotsam of imagination for buoyancy in this new environment where nothing is predictable and everything is in flux.

All the moorings are lost. The only option left is to let go, then fall or maybe fly. There never was an edge, was there, it was fear that built the cliff of illusion. ‘

The paintings for this exhibition entitled ‘Edge’ have been influenced by the work of Per Kirkeby: the geological and other types of layering of materials hopefully rendering emotional depth permeate the work and this is something I’m inspired by. ‘

AT THE EDGE OF THE FIRE | Mixedmedia on canvas | 30x22cms

AT THE POOL Oils on canvas | 30x22cms

CHANGE | Mixedmedia on canvas | 102x82cms

MORE OF THE HEART | Mixedmedia on canvas | 30x22cms

SCRIBBLE OF DAWN | Mixedmedia on canvas | 30x22cms

TRANSITION | Mixedmedia on canvas 78x61cms