Ciara Agnew



Having graduated from the University of Ulster with a Degree in Fine and Applied Arts (specialising in painting) in 2001, Ciara moved into Bridge Street Studios and continued to be a member till 2011. Ciara now works from her studio at home in Mullacrew and is a member of the Creative Spark print studio.

Ciara has held a number of solo exhibitions which include Limitations at The Basement Gallery, Narrow Road at the Shelbourne Hotel, and Open Window at Carlinn Gallery. Over a dozen works have been acquired by the Office of Public Works, one of her paintings was exhibited in Current Art of the State touring exhibition; other collections include the Louth County Council, ACC Bank as well as private collections in Ireland, Australia, France and the USA.

UNCERTAIN | Oil, Pencil & Charcoal on Wooden Panel | 30x40cm

RESEARCHING | Oil on Canvas Paper | 35.5x69cm

HARVEST | Oil on Paper | 31x25cm

ENDURANCE | Oil on Canvas | 36x31cm

JOURNEY | Oil on Canvas | 80x80cm

Artist Statement

My objective is to explore our relationship to the world that surrounds us, both physically and spiritually, through horizontal and vertical strips and blocks of colour, which are all around us. 

When starting a painting, I have no pre-determined idea of what it should look like. I would usually put a base colour on first and then I would put a colour over it, leaving some of the base colour showing through to give the sense of what was there. Each layer is like a different time. Some edges have a blurred or indefinite quality and others are left straight. I want to create tension between the two as I feel when something is imperfect there is more truth in it, more expression.

I intentionally avoid perfection, as the world we live in is imperfect. I feel that we have lost our relationship with the world as a scared place, and that has an enormous influence on what I paint.

LONG WAY TO GO | Oil on Canvas | 50x40cm

PERISH | Oil on Canvas | 36x31cm

PULL ME THROUGH | Oil on Canvas | 40x40cm